Jul 13

Where To Find Rare Coins

Some people want to shoot for something that’s a bit more fun than the regular circulated coin collection. This is where finding rare coins comes into play. Since rare coins, well, are so rare, coin collecting takes on a new degree of interest and excitement. However, finding these rarer coins gets increasingly more difficult depending on the coin that you’re after. These are just some simple ways to find rare coins without having to travel around the world to track one down or visit on http://www.icollector.com/Coins-Paper-Money-Auctions_aca11116¬†for more information.

A great way to find rare coins is to take advantage of the fact that owner’s probably don’t know how rare they are. Try some local flea markets. Chances are that the owners know that there’s something special about these coins that might be able to rake in a few more cents than face value, but don’t quite know that it might mean much more than that. These are very easy buys. Likewise, you can hit local shops that happen to purchase coins. Some antique and pawn shops will buy these guys, but it’s not guaranteed. Check with your local businesses.

Jul 13

How To Learn Coin Value To Buy Rare Coins

If you think you would like to buy rare coins in Dallas, TX, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rare coin market and how to determine if a coin is rare. A dealer that has a good reputation and is knowledgeable about the rare coin market may be able to help you determine worth and find pieces that you are interested in. The official Red Book or the official Blue Book of United States coins are both good resources. Both of these books list coins that have been minted and describe coin features.

They usually have good pictures, include some historical facts, and give an approximate value of what a coin might be worth today.These books are only published annually and like any market, prices can fluctuate, so dealers and coin enthusiasts may buy the greysheet, which gives more current market information. If you have a coin that you think might be rare, these books would be able to give you a general idea about the rarity and approximate market value of the coin.

Coins are graded, and if you want to make sure when you buy rare coins in Dallas, TX what condition a coin is in, it is a good idea to have it graded or make sure it has already been graded.There are two big companies that have a good reputation for grading coins, the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). If you are considering buying a coin that has been graded by one of these services, it can give that coin some credibility as to its condition.

The condition of a coin can impact the market value, so it is important to be aware of the coin’s condition. A grade is determined by how worn the coin is. That can range from poor, meaning it has been handled a lot and is quite worn, to perfect uncirculated, meaning the coin was never put in circulation and has been well stored to keep it in perfect condition. Of course, coins typically are somewhere in between those grades.

Jul 13

How To Collect Rare Coins

How to collect Rare Coins

What you need to know about Rare Coin Collecting? Have you ever tried collecting rare coins? It can be great fun and a good investment.

Rare coin collecting is one of the few hobbies that are not just a mere pastime or leisure activity.Coin collecting can get quite fascinating and many people get quite caught up in their hobby..Coins are often thought of as works of art because of the beauty of their designs (Some of which are quite exquisite).

In very early days coins were utilitarian and featured just the amount the coin was worth or the Sovereigns head to enable people who could not read not to be cheated in commerce.Early coins were mostly made of silver or copper with a few being made of gold or electrum (an amalgam of gold and other precious metals)

In more recent times the design of the coin has become a portion of its worth to collectors. Coins will often portray the history of a nation by engraving and important historical event or anniversary into the design on the coin.Seldom do people know the secret that coin collecting can also be quite a good way to make money.

Hard to find rare coins can turn out to be valuable and when found can be a good investment.Rare coins have risen in value by anything from 300% to over 1000%.So Rare coins that cost $1000 each in the 1970s could now be worth over $50,000 each today on averageThis amazing increase in worth outstrips most other investments. (especially stocks and shares !)

So what is the big secret behind the increase in this part of the coin market ?It is quite simple really, rare coins have always been a good hedge against inflation and recession.Big investors know this and many have a large piece of their investments in rare collectable coins.In most unstable conditions (such as we have at present) rare coins maintain their worth.